Folding Table/Stool

Is it a stool ? Is it a table? Is it a chair? It’s all of these and more.

This universal flat packing camping stool can be anything and everything you want. The perfect item to place your coffee cup in the morning or to reach that top shelf.
Do not be scared to sit on it (I have tested it up to 140kg)

The folding stools are crafted from Pine Wood and have no finish applied; you can leave it bare, paint it, oil it, wax it (Why not try our homemade wax ;) it’s up to you.

The stool measures - (FLAT FOLD SIZE) (H) 40cm (W) 35cm (D) 7.5cm

(UNFOLDED SIZE) (H) 37cm (W) 35cm (D) 23.5cm

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